Weird things celebrities carry in their purses

What makes our bakery unique? Many people think that this is one-stop service, fast delivery and polite staff. But in fact, this is not entirely true. We put a piece of our love and soul into every Ossetian pie. After all, the guarantee of a delicious delicacy is a reverent attitude towards it. Only at our bakery you will find such juicy, tasty, aromatic, and unusually nourishing fillings that will definitely not leave you hungry. And in combination with our thin, soft dough, any Ossetian pie instantly becomes a work of art. On our website you can find a huge number of types of Ossetian pies, which we deliver throughout Kiev. Also, do not forget about our cool sauces and fruit drinks. The bottle of fruit drink is versatile and fits easily into your purse so you can refresh yourself on the way. Nobody knows what might be needed along the way. This is probably the most important rule of the stars when they pack their purse. Some people carry a huge amount of jewelry with them to change them throughout the day, while someone cannot part with their favorite toy and carry it with them everywhere. This is just a small list of what is in the purse of famous people. Now we will learn more.

Tooth mousses

Thanks to her portrayal of Hermione from the Gary Potter movie, it can be assumed that actress Emma Watson is the embodiment of organization and order. But this is far from the case. What you will not find in this amazing girl's purse. In every purse, Emma wears tooth mousses. This is a milk mousse that should be left on your teeth for about three minutes. Well, and then it is worthwhile for the same time, to distribute the mousse all over the mouth. It is rumored that this kind of care reduces the likelihood of tooth decay.

Stores List

The most popular young top model, Tyra Banks, wears a makeup bag, sunglasses, dyes and a list of local shops with delicious ice cream in her purse. She is sure that a glass of ice cream will help in any situation. But when you find yourself in a place where your phone won't catch, how to find a normal store. You need to be ready for anything.


And now a very interesting information for fans of "Game of Thrones". What do you think is constantly in Cersei Lannister's purse? No one would even have thought that a toy ninja turtles would make an exciting and unusual handbag. But there is a completely logical explanation for this. This toy can temporarily distract her sons from crying or just entertain him.


Have you taken a snack somewhere in your purse on the road? It could have been anything. Starting from a packet of chips, ending with a bar or a bottle of water. But the famous actress Diana Lane took this issue very seriously. In addition to a chocolate bar, you can find a jar of honey and a whole bell pepper in her purse.