About bakery ALANIA

Why do you remember the taste of Ossetian pies ALANYA bakery forever?

A lot in Kiev bakeries bake "Ossetian pies", but, not every bakery, can create (in the full sense of the word) a masterpiece of Caucasian cuisine.
National Ossetian cuisine has evolved over the centuries under the influence of the nomadic way of life of the ancestors of the Ossetians - the Scythians and Sarmatians, therefore, the dishes mainly consist of dairy products and meat.

Pies with a thin layer of dough and abundant stuffing are well made. Pies with a thick layer of dough can not be considered as a matter of fact pies of this Ossetian master.

Elite Ossetian bakery "ALANYA" is rightly considered the best bakery of Ossetian pies, the chef will cook for you, on an individual order, a real Ossetian pie from the freshest products according to ancient recipes. And feel the taste of the Caucasian cuisine and enjoy the aromas of the mountains - it's up to you !!! That's why the pies cooked in the bakery "ALANYA" are the standard of Ossetian pies in Kiev.

You can order delivery of Ossetian pies at any time convenient for you. The only thing - specify the date and time of delivery, in order that we could deliver hot and juicy pies to you.

Bon Appetit!