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Order and delivery of elite pies in Kiev

Real elite pies

Every nation has a special dish, which is its pride. And if in Ukraine these are incredibly tasty dumplings, in Ossetia there are fragrant pies. This pastry is in great demand far beyond the borders of a small Caucasian republic. And this is not surprising! After all, a thin layer of tender baked dough makes it possible to enjoy all the flavors of a generous filling. Therefore, more and more people working in Kiev prefer to order pies to the office than to look for a free table at a nearby cafe every time.

Elite Ossetian pies: rich menu for every taste

Ossetian bakery "Alania" gives the opportunity to all residents and guests of the capital of Ukraine to enjoy the taste of real Ossetian pies made according to traditional centuries-old recipes. The chef prepares each order separately, focusing on the individual preferences of the client and using only fresh products. This approach allows you to fully reveal the taste and feel the amazing smell of the original Caucasian cuisine.
Order pies in Kiev is quite simple! You just need to use your own smartphone to enter the website of the Ossetian bakery "Alania". The clear interface, colorful design and a detailed description of the dishes allow you to quickly select and order the delivery of cakes and to nearby areas of the region.
The menu contains four main categories:
  • Hearty pies with meat, cheese, vegetable, or a combined filling;
  • Sweet pies with dried fruits, nuts, apples, pears and exotic oriental spices;
  • Sauces made according to traditional recipes using natural traditional ingredients;
  • Drinks are represented by berry and fruit mors, which are ideally combined with Ossetian pies.
Delivery of pies in Kiev is carried out very quickly, regardless of the location of the office or home of the customer. That is why hot, recently baked out of a wood-burning oven aromatic pastries are put on the table of our customers, and sauces and drinks complement the taste of real elite cakes.

Healthy tasty menu for business lunches

Ossetian pies baked in the Alania bakery are the best choice for lunch or dinner with business partners. The aesthetic look, stunning taste and aroma, as well as the original presentation will give the opportunity to find points of contact and conclude a lucrative contract.
Ossetian pies in Kiev are also often ordered for mass corporate events as a special "highlight". After all, these traditional dishes are not only tasty, but also healthy:
  • Baking with a vegetable, fruit or berry filling is a real joy for vegetarians;
  • Pies with juicy veal or tender lamb, as well as fresh herbs - the best choice for those who prefer to eat healthy halal or kosher food;
  • Cheese filling with spinach, wild salmon, beet leaves and other ingredients, covered with a thin soft crust - this is a holiday for gourmets of the Caucasian cuisine.
Ossetian bakery "Alania" gives a great mood and vigor to its customers every day. After all, traditional Ossetian pies are truly satisfying and incredibly tasty!