Can chocolate and coffee disappear?

In addition to the pandemic, we have another very important problem - climate change. Scientists are confident that such changes will bring us a lot of news. For example, everyone's favorite chocolate and coffee can disappear forever from constant use.

Coffee and tea

Two of the most popular drinks on earth. If you are used to them, then we have bad news for you. Scientists suggest that after about 30 years, coffee and tea may evaporate as if they never existed. As we know, Tanzania is the main producer of coffee beans; today, the yield on these lands has almost halved. After all, the culture of growing coffee is quite picky. A tropical climate is needed for normal growth and harvest. Fluctuations in temperature are simply unacceptable. Also, do not forget that constant rains and a high altitude location are needed for growth. There are few such places on Earth.
This sad situation was not only due to global warming, but also due to the fungal leaf disease that hit coffee plantations in 2012. The infection was able to instantly destroy 80 percent of the crop.
As for tea, the situation there is very similar. Climatic changes have reduced the suitable growing area several times. It has also been reported that the warming has affected not only the area, but also the taste of the tea. It got much worse.
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It's incredible, it's hard to believe that climate change can leave us without chocolate, because cocoa beans like the heat. You might think that global warming is only in their hands. But the weather conditions become unpredictable every day, and growing beans need a fixed, familiar temperature to which they are accustomed. Cocoa beans are extremely sensitive and very moody. Over the past years, the area for growing this crop has already decreased by 40 percent. At this rate, in 20 years it will be much more difficult to enjoy real delicious chocolate. This trend has prompted farmers in Africa and Indonesia to gradually switch to growing other types of raw materials.