Why is it important to take vitamin D?

On February 5th, vitamin D, not unknown to us, celebrates its birthday. That is why we decided to share with you information about its benefits. After all, the lifeguards of our lives must be known.

How did this vitamin come about?

When an English doctor discovered a new disease, which is characterized by the formation of new organs and a violation of bone formation, he called it rickets. From that moment on, people began to actively seek medicines. But after years we realized that nothing helps better than ultraviolet rays and cod fat.
Later, when medicine reached a new level, the researchers, as they first thought, found a cure for rickets, it turned out to be vitamin A, which was in fish oil. But it's not that simple. Thanks to various experiments on animals, doctors realized that fish oil also affects the disease and after the complete exclusion of vitamin A. We conclude that it has nothing to do with it. From that moment, the search for a new vitamin began, and it became vitamin D.

Vitamin benefits

Vitamin D is an extremely important part of our body. Its main function is considered to be mineral metabolism, which occurs in bone tissue. It also perfectly maintains the content of phosphorus, calcium and ions in our body.
The lack of this important component leads to numerous problems. In children, this is manifested in the diagnosis of rickets. But adults repeatedly suffer from diseases of the musculoskeletal system.
  Also, do not forget that vitamin D improves our nervous system, normalizes the functioning of the heart, has an excellent effect on the digestive system, immunity and the endocrine system.
A deficiency can easily trigger diabetes and hypothyroidism.

Foods that contain vitamin D

The advantage is that no matter how you prepare a product that contains a vitamin, its beneficial properties always remain the same. In fact, we don't have many foods that contain high amounts of it, it's just fish oil. Indeed, there is practically no vitamin D in vegetable dishes.
    List of foods that contain vitamin
1. Cod liver.
2. Halibut liver.
3. Mackerel.
4. Beef liver.
5. Milk.
6. Cheddar cheese.
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