Metabolism myths

Before talking about myths in the topic of metabolism, it is worth understanding this term. In simple terms, this is metabolism. When fats and carbohydrates are disturbed in our body, doctors call this a metabolic disorder. A very large number of people nowadays simplify this concept, believing that metabolism is how quickly a person can burn calories and thereby lose weight. In fact, this concept is much more global.
With the development of the Internet, various myths about metabolism began to appear on the network, which today we will dispel.
Myth 1
What thoughts come to your mind when you see a thin person? Many people immediately remember about metabolism and are sure that it's all about its fast work. But if a person is inclined to be overweight, he accordingly has a slow metabolism. From this we draw conclusions: in order to lose weight, you just need to accelerate the metabolism. In fact, metabolism, like character, is different for everyone, it cannot be calculated by physique.
Metabolism depends on:
• Age
• Condition of the body. After all, muscles need a lot of energy.
• Paul. Statistically, men need to eat more calories than women.
Also, one should not forget about genetics and its influence. If you find it difficult to lose weight, do not rush to blame your metabolism for it. In fact, it controls your body's energy levels, not the numbers on the scales. Weight gain comes from excess calories that you don't consume. From this we draw conclusions: in order to lose weight, you need to achieve an energy deficit.
Myth 2
Do you think water affects metabolism? If you gave a positive answer, then you also fell for the next bait of myths. Scientists have been trying to prove this theory for many years in a row, but to no avail. Vona does not have such a miracle effect as we think. It just replaces those high-calorie drinks that you are used to drinking. This is why drinking water helps you control your weight.
Myth 3
It is believed that there are certain lists of foods that help speed up the metabolism. Of course, special herbal teas, hot chili peppers, coffee, affect metabolism, but this is not enough to see the cherished numbers on the scales. Therefore, you should not limit yourself to your favorite food. If you love our famous Ossetian pies, but choke on cabbage with green tea, then stop. This will only make it worse. On our site you will find a huge variety of fillings for Ossetian pies. Juicy, aromatic and so attractive. It is against the law to refuse such pleasure. We love our customers, so we have worked to perfection not only the recipe for the most delicious Ossetian pies in Kiev, but also the delivery service. Our couriers quickly and efficiently deliver orders throughout Kiev. We will not leave you hungry even in the office on your lunch break. Relax and unwind with our Ossetian delicacies.