How to live to be 90 years old?

Each of us wants to live as long as possible, to see our grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Many people claim that the years of life are written in genetics. But in fact, not everything depends on it. An active lifestyle, proper nutrition and some other nuances determine whether you will live to be 90 years old. Our team figured out this issue, analyzed the lives of centenarians, and made a plan according to which you can live cool and long.

Have your relatives been long-livers?

This factor depends on the genetic code. Indeed, at the peak of fun, life can be interrupted due to a tendency to cancer, which passed to you from your ancestors. But if there were centenarians in the family, then your chance to live more than 90 years increases. But there is a predisposition to certain diseases, it is better to constantly consult and examine doctors.

Premature aging

At 90 or even 100 years old, many people around the world feel young and live not a bad life, but there is a category of people who are already “dying of old age” at 60. All long-livers of our planet did not hang the label of old age on themselves. By such programming, you only attract yourself to endless illnesses. With such a psychological attitude, it will be very difficult for you to become a long-liver.


This issue must be approached responsibly. Not all vegetarians have been long-lived, but this trend is emerging in Italian society. Where people correctly follow all the rules of vegetarianism and saturate their body with a lot of fruits and foods that are rich in amino acids and olive oil. The main thing is not to give up meat, but simply to keep proper nutrition, especially after 50 years, when the body is already very difficult to digest heavy food, this should be paid attention to. In adulthood, you just need to limit yourself a little and consume the daily calorie intake and not overeat.

Good mood

Your positivity can move mountains. A good, positive mood can significantly extend your life. Find activities for yourself from which you will receive a huge amount of pleasure and positive. If you love tasty and satisfying food, but constantly limit yourself, because this is the only way to live longer, then you are wrong. With such restrictions, you only provoke yourself into negativity and anger. These emotions destroy your nervous system. As a result, various diseases appear, and the chance for a long life decreases.
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