Survivor stories

Thanks to a high-quality and rich film, everyone knows about the tragedy of the Titanic, without exception. But were you aware of exactly how many people were on this liner? The answer is probably no. But we will now clarify the situation. So, on the Titanic there were 2,435 passengers who were resting, and 900 members of the liner personnel. Naturally, there were not enough boats for everyone, in this way, provided that all the seats were occupied, only a third of all passengers could be saved. But when this hulk sank, not all boats were completely filled. That is why very few people survived. They were able to survive this disaster. Today we want to share the stories of the survivors with you.
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Charles Jaffin

Charles worked as a senior baker on the Titanic. He was considered one of the highest paid members of the team. At the time of the collision of the ship with the iceberg, the young man was not on duty, but was resting in his cabin. When he learned that the Titanic was sinking, he calmly drank alcohol and went in the direction of the lifeboats. The tenth boat was assigned to him, but Charles did not sit there, but went back to his cabin to finish his wine. When he returned, the seats were already taken. The ship sank, but the thirty-year-old baker miraculously survived. After all, everyone who was with him in the icy water died in a few minutes. Perhaps the fault is his calmness and alcohol.

Richard Norris

Richard was on the ship as a passenger. He went to the tennis championship with his beloved father. When the wreck began, the men did not run to the boats and did not look for a way to escape. Instead, they went down to the gym and started a conversation with brothers in misfortune. And then the Titanic went under the water, everyone rushed to swim. Richard was lucky, his wave pushed him to the inverted boat, but she also killed his own father before his eyes. The guy was seen by rescuers and taken to the hospital. He was diagnosed with numerous leg injuries. But that did not stop him from becoming the champion of the United States and getting a gold medal at the Olympics.