Top most interesting facts about International Women's Day
One of the most desirable days for many women will come very soon. And this is not surprising, because on March 8 you can get a huge amount of attention and gifts from men, feel like the Queen of the World. But who invented this wonderful holiday? Few people know, but it was introduced by Clara Zetkin in honor of the fair sex protester.
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In honor of International Women's Day, our team has prepared a couple of interesting facts about this wonderful holiday.
You didn't know for sure
1. In 2013, this holiday celebrated its centenary.
2. Few people know, but it was on March 8 that a large number of women gathered for rallies about their rights.
3. Previously, women were given not only gifts of flowers, but also certificates and even medals.
4. In ancient Rome, analogues of the modern holiday for women were found.
5. March 8 is a public holiday not only in Ukraine, but also in many countries.
6. The symbol of this holiday is actually not tulips, but mimosas.
7. In Madagascar on this day, only women have the right not to go to work.
8. According to statistics, most Ukrainians celebrate this day in a quiet family circle.
9. It was on this day that the last American pirate was hanged.
10. On this day, the first women's magazine "Rabotnitsa" was published.
11. 8 March is a significant day for women, because it was then that the French pilot received the title of the world's first female pilot.
12. Portuguese women are not used to celebrating this day with men. Girls go for so-called bachelorette parties.
13. We all know that there is International Women's Day, but few people know about International Men's Day. It also exists and is celebrated on November 19th. Here, however, there is no day off on this day.
14. Why do you think the representatives of the Orthodox canons do not particularly favor this holiday? Everything is quite open and simple. After all, the idea of ​​equalizing the rights of men and women does not completely coincide with Orthodox dogmas.