Sacred tree of joy

Do you smell this? The smell of New Year's holidays is already swirling in the air and is coming closer and closer to us. New Year is a chance to start your life from a new leaf. We all set some plans for ourselves, draw conclusions about what we managed or did not manage to do, what we achieved and what we understood over the past year. Winter holidays are always joy, laughter of children, sweets, gifts and a lot of delicious food. But, a lot of housewives do not get maximum pleasure from these holidays. After all, they need to cook a lot. You need to feed not only yourself, your husband and children, as on ordinary days, but also worthily meet friends and relatives.
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 Spruce is another symbol of the winter holidays. We don't know much about her. This is a representative of pine. This tree is the most popular in our forests. And for the New Year, spruce decorates our homes. This tradition came to us from the ancient tribes of Germany. Thus, people showed their respect for the sacred tree. But instead of beautiful modern toys, they used small gifts, which they hung on branches. This is just a piece of new interesting information that you will hear today.

The most fascinating about firs

1. Peter the Great brought this tradition to Russia, who solemnly celebrated this holiday near a felled decorated tree. This soon served as a large-scale destruction of forest beauty. Today, for the holidays, spruce is grown in special nurseries.
2. An interesting fact, due to their size and splendor, spruce forests are intended only for amateurs. After all, they are always cold, dreary and at times scary. And this despite the fact that it is sunny and warm outside.
3. A Christmas tree should not be planted near the house, unless it is, of course, decorative. After all, these trees are not very well attached to the ground, so they often fall on houses.
4. Doctors have long been advised to drink wine based on pine needles. After all, it contains a large amount of vitamins. Especially vitamin C. Few people know, but it was this drink that saved the life of Cook and his team during the trip. After all, they contracted scurvy.
5. The tree must grow for at least thirteen years in a real forest, so that you put it beautifully in the living room for the winter holidays.