Shelf life of products

Our Ossetian pies are very often ordered not only for parties, but also for children's birthdays. This is direct proof that we are trusted. Parents are confident in the quality of our products. They know that for us the freshness of the products that will be part of a certain Ossetian pie is one of the main things.
In addition, the children themselves love the Ossetian pies of our bakery. Just look at the wonderful view of this dish. The golden hue of homemade, crispy dough beckons visitors. Due to the fact that the dough for Ossetian pies is made thin, the pie filling is juicy, nourishing and unusually fragrant, it feels much better.
Also, in our bakery you can order not only the most delicious Ossetian pies in Kiev, but also sauces for them. Hot sauce is more suitable for meat fillings, but garlic sauce is more suitable for delicate cheese or fish ones. Our assortment also includes homemade condensed milk, which perfectly reveals all the hidden flavor notes of sweet Ossetian pies toppings.
You can pick up your order yourself, or you can order by the delivery service of our famous bakery. So much faster, more convenient and safer. Ossetian pies will come to you in any part of Kiev.
If you cannot eat everything that you ordered, do not worry, you have not wasted your money, Ossetian pies are not pizza, they do not lose their taste in the refrigerator. By the way, did you know that not a small percentage of foodstuffs that we dump into landfills arouses great interest in people. After all, I wonder why such, at first glance, high-quality products need to be thrown away, who invented this expiration date, and maybe it can be somehow extended?
Who sets the expiration date for products?
For special legal requirements, the term is set by the person who produces the product. And they do something with a certain reserve, in fact, they can be stored a little longer than it is written. It all depends on the quality and storage location. For a product to live for a long time, there must be constant ideal conditions for it. And this is practically unrealistic. After all, the whole system can get lost either during transportation, or already in the store, or in your home refrigerator. Accordingly, there is no guarantee that the product you choose will be able to withstand the manufacturer's stated expiration date.
But there is a way
Surprisingly, in fact, not everything is so sad and this system with expiration dates can be fooled. But there is a special group of products that you shouldn't even experiment with. Meat, fish or milk, which has already become obsolete, can cause you serious trouble with your stomach and with all your health in general. But the rest of the products, with proper storage, can not only be preserved, but also extended their shelf life. The optimal temperature setting does wonders. For example, not all products need to be put into the refrigerator, but only those with a written storage method at low temperatures. To keep the cereals in your closets alive, we advise you to keep the temperature from 10 to 21 degrees, while taking into account the fact that furniture tends to heat up. Information for those who like to use the balcony as a refrigerator. After all, you cannot always adhere to the ideal temperature there.