Christmas divination

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As you know, Christmas differs from other holidays not only by the unique dishes on the table. Since this time is associated with a miracle, fortune-telling is also considered a symbol of the holiday. It is worth at least for a while to get away from the bustle of the city and try to tell fortunes for the betrothed, for the future or for the bride. Try on yourself what our great-grandmothers did.

Fortune telling

For fortune-telling you will need: cups (how many people, so many cups), a ring, a coin, sugar, bread, salt, onions.
Place all of these items in cups and pour water into one of them. All participants in the fortune-telling must choose any cup with their eyes closed.


1. If you have chosen a ring, then expect a wedding soon.
2. Onions are for tears and grief.
3. Coins will bring you wealth in the future.
4. If you chose a cup of bread, then congratulations, in the future you will not have a bad prosperity.
5. Sugar comes in for fun.
6. Salt, like onions, warns of misfortune.
7. Well, if you have chosen water, then do not expect much change.

Fortune telling on the future husband

To do this, you only need to go outside at midnight. In the first suitable man, ask the name. This is what his name is, this is what your betrothed will have.

Divination with a ring

Participants let the ring go. Whoever has it closer to the door will marry everyone earlier.

Fortune telling on books

Any book is needed for this simple divination. You need to ask the question that interests you, and call the page number, any, and the line number and the answer to your question.