How to get rid of a hangover?

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Holidays are very funny events, but the next day is not sweet for most. And it`s all about the opposite hangover. There is only one way to completely cure this condition - it is to stop drinking alcohol in large quantities. But don`t be upset, a hangover can be alleviated by several methods. Since all people are individuals, one method that worked for your friend may not work at all on your body, so it`s worth trying everything and then calculating the appropriate one. For the best effect, doctors recommend combining several methods.
Hangover step by step
1. Try to choose light alcoholic drinks. After all, they contain less toxins.
2. Do not mix! In fact, you should not drink cocktails, save yourself from the morning aftermath. Also, you can not lower the degree of drunk alcoholic beverages.
3. Drink water. At first glance, a very simple way. But extraordinarily effective. Try alternating alcohol and a glass of water. Our body produces a chemical such as vasopressin, but under the influence of alcohol, this process disappears. As a result, the kidneys do not send water to the tissues, but directly to the bladder. This results in frequent urination and dehydration. Thanks to this, headache and dry mouth will bother you in the morning.
4. Eat densely. Slowing down the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream can only be achieved by absorbing quality proteins before you start drinking. After the holiday, when you are tormented by a hangover, you should immediately run to the kitchen and eat any fatty food. This method helps a lot. Such food contains a large number of calories, and this is our energy. But if you feel sick, this method is not for you. No need to strain your stomach even more. You should replace fatty foods with lighter ones. Since alcohol destroys potassium in our body, it urgently needs to be replenished. To do this, eat one or two bananas after you wake up.