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"Alania" offers lovers of Caucasian cuisine to try a traditional Alanian dish - Ossetian pies. The recipe of this pastry is more than 3 thousand years old, and today it is almost unchanged. Round flatbreads are nourishing, tasty and very juicy. They are made with different fillings - everyone can find their favorite option.
The main difference between these pastries - thin and delicate dough. Inside they put a lot of minced meat with the addition of broth, cheese and vegetables or a mix of berries and nuts. Rumy, fragrant flatbreads will not leave anyone indifferent. Order Ossetian pies to pamper yourself and your friends with a special treat of savory flavor.
Such pastries are not only tasty, but also have a presentable appearance. Place on the table scones with a ruddy crust, and they become the main accent of the feast. In addition, it is a symbolic dish. It represents hospitality, the hospitality of the host, the well-being of the home.

Peculiarities of cooking Ossetian pie

The recipe is simple, but requires special skill and knowledge of the cook. The flatbreads are cooked on mineral water without eggs from the best flour with the addition of yeast. Cooking and rolling out the dough is done manually. The use of special devices and rolling pins is considered disrespectful to mountainous foundations.
Baking takes place at high temperature in the oven. Due to this, a fragrant and delicious crust is formed at the top of the dough products. The filling should be twice as much as the dough. Despite the simplicity of the ingredients, to repeat the taste of the real Caucasian pies is not for everyone.
Originally, unleavened round pita bread was made by nomadic Alans. Later, the Ossetians added cheese as a filling. Today it is a traditional dish of the Caucasian table, which is prepared on religious holidays, for celebrations, on days of sorrow.
In our place we prepare baked goods with a variety of fillings. Order delivery of Ossetian pies with:
  • suluguni, mushrooms;
  • beet leaves;
  • cabbage, tomatoes;
  • pumpkin;
  • fillet of homemade chicken, mushrooms.
Most recipes add young or aged cheese, as well as herbs, which give a characteristic piquancy. Ossetian pie with cheese is khabizjin or chiri-kere. Later, the recipe began to spread throughout Ossetia and changed slightly. In each region housewives added their own vision of cooking to the recipe, so that the flatbread acquired locally characteristic shades of flavor.
One popular variety is tsaharajyn. It is prepared with a filling of cheese and young beet tops. Today in the traditional cuisine of Ossetia there are 12-15 kinds of pastries. Especially fragrant and hearty are Ossetian pies with meat. They are called fydjin. The meat can be used as minced meat:
  • young lamb;
  • tender veal;
  • poultry or turkey.

Sweet Ossetian pies in Kiev

Tasty stuffed flatbreads are a great addition to a tea party or as a dessert to complete a meal. For those who like to spoil themselves with something sweet, our bakery offers to plunge into the world of ideal gastronomic combinations.
Here you can order Ossetian pies with:
  • pears, apples, nuts and cinnamon;
  • poppy seeds and raspberries;
  • poppy seeds, dried fruits and nuts;
  • poppy, cherries and cinnamon;
  • blueberry and currant filling.
Sweet tortillas are a great alternative to birthday cake. The original delicate flavor and fruity filling are sure to please your guests. As an addition to the baked goods you can order freshly made morses or lemonade.
Ordering Ossetian pies for a business lunch is a great idea!
Stuffed pastry is a perfect solution for a business meeting. It is a tasty and healthy food that helps to find some common ground if it is necessary to come to a mutually beneficial agreement and conclude a contract.
Are you expecting an important meeting? Invite business partners to the office and order an Ossetian meat pie. Amaze your guests with a mouth-watering original pastry. We guarantee that the interview will turn into a meaningful and friendly conversation.
Caucasian pastries will be useful for any corporate event. It could be a company foundation date, or an informal team meeting after a hard work week.

Where to order Ossetian pies with delivery?

Caucasian cuisine is offered by various catering establishments. But if you want to enjoy the real taste of mountain cakes, order Ossetian pies in Kiev in bakery "Alania".
Our cooks prepare dishes from fresh products by old recipes. The finished product is incredibly appetizing, juicy and stunning in appearance. You're sure to love it and want more!
It takes about 2 hours to prepare and deliver. You can leave an order on the site or contact our managers by phone to agree on a convenient time for you to deliver the dish. Please note: for birthday boys and girls Ossetian pies are 30% off!

Well, are you ready to taste real elite Ossetian pies of the hot Caucasus?

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