Products that will help you stay young

Autumn is a very interesting time. Someone adores its cold winds and unrealistic landscapes with amazing colorful leaves. And someone sees only rainy weather, slush and mud. Any object can be viewed from different angles. Both the good and the bad. And here it is worth stopping, yes, in many ways you can find bad things if you want to, but not in our famous Ossetian pies, which have long won the attention and love of the entire capital. Only here you can taste such juicy, hearty and incredibly tasty fillings. And in combination with a thin tender dough, this is just a work of art. Our bakery is ready to surprise even the most strict gourmet, because we have an excellent selection of various fillings for Ossetian pies. If you want a juicy meal on the dump, then it is better to take Ossetian pies with meat, and if this is not your option, then we suggest taking it with a fish. Women often choose Ossetian cheese pies for bachelorette parties and various gatherings. Also, these types are ordered for a lunch break in the office. But our famous sweet Ossetian berry pies are already pushing the cake out of the festive table by a little bit. And this is not surprising at all, because ours is not only tastier, but also healthier. We always choose only healthy products that will bring people not only a gustatory paradise, but also make a positive contribution to health. For example, tomatoes for aging. They contain a lot of carotenoids. They save your skin from sun exposure. Thus, tomatoes delay the aging process of your skin. Do you know what foods besides tomatoes will help with aging? No? Then read on.

Pumpkin seeds

We all know that pumpkin seeds contain zinc and many other vitamins. In simple terms, seeds give our skin elasticity. Also, if you often use this product, then after a few days you will notice that your skin began to recover faster from injuries and cuts. Zinc works great against wrinkles. If you have problem skin and acne, then pumpkin seeds will help you with this.


A very tasty and healthy product that has earned one of the main places in our diet. Almonds, as well as pumpkin seeds, will make your skin elastic and get rid of fine wrinkles. Just remember that you do not need to peel the peel from this product; if you do this, then do not expect obvious effects. After all, it contains the most important vitamins.

Fatty fish

This fish is a wonderful source of omega-3s. Fatty red fish will make your skin toned, nails not brittle. Also, as a result of adding it to your diet, you will permanently get rid of hair loss problems. If you want to iron one hundred percent, without expensive creams, then call us urgently and order Ossetian pies with fish. As for the delivery, don't worry, our couriers are very punctual and always deliver orders to their destination on time.