How to cleanse the body from smoking?

The smoking problem has arisen for a very long time. At the moment, a very large number of the planet's population is poisoning their bodies with tobacco smoke. The lungs suffer from this evil and addictive habit. After all, they receive a large amount of substances harmful to our body. All this penetrates with smoke and affects the trachea and bronchi. As a result, the cilia lose their ability to move normally, so the lungs cannot cleanse themselves of the poison. Further, a huge amount of phlegm appears in them, as we know, this is extremely dangerous. A terrible cough and various inflammations appear.
In fact, conscious smokers understand the dangers of this situation. The consequences of such fun are written at every step. Therefore, every year, the number of people who are ready to quit smoking and cleanse their body is becoming more and more. Statistics are pleasing to the eye. But, alas, in one day or a month, it is unrealistic to get in shape and help your body cleanse itself of those toxins that you stuffed it with. But this does not mean that your lungs absolutely do not need your help. To do this, you need to follow the specific instructions that we have prepared for you.
1. Quit smoking
The very first thing is to quit smoking completely. Without this, you will not be able to cleanse your body in any way. Then, of course, you should consult a doctor and find out how much you have neglected your health. After all, smoke affects not only your lungs, but also other organs.
2. Drink water
As boring as it sounds now, but water is our best friend. Our body is in dire need of it. After all, water has a super ability - to remove toxic substances. That is why do not forget that the daily water intake should be approximately two liters.
3. Go in for sports
To be healthy, you need to exercise. We have been told this since birth. Sports will help you feel better. Even in our case, in order to cleanse your body of the effects of smoking, you should pay attention to various types of activity, for example, running. After all, it improves ventilation in the lung tissues. It is worth starting with a light load and remember that abrupt training can be detrimental to your health. Everything should be in moderation.
4. Nutrition
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